cannot get directx or direct draw to enable on new graphics card (AGP slot)

i recently installed an ATI radeon 512MB x1650 pro graphics card after an change from windows xp to vista business. I ahve upgrade BIOS to latest release as well as other drivers. I cannot get directx to work nor direct draw. this is an old problem from windows xp that carried on to vista as well as my new graphics card
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pheidiusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Was this a clean install or an upgrade over your old installation. If an upgrade, then, perhaps you should try a reformat and reinstall. At least that would rule out you having brought the problem with you. if you did a clean install already then that does isolate the video card as defective i.e the problem crosses two different os/s. When you say you updated the bios do you mean the boards' bios or the card's bios. If you have another board  to try it in then that would not hurt but if you have not re-flashed the card then you might as well as it is clearly at the center of the issue. This card should have supported direct x 9. if it does not after a reflash then pitch it in the trash.
johnathanbcAuthor Commented:
i did a clean install from windows xp pro to windows vista business. I had a nvidia geforce 5200 befoe 128MB ram and the #d capabilities didnt work then or now. I only recently added the new card (ATI 1650). The machine originally ran direct x and when i did dx diagnostics in XP the tests were "stopped" because i had "pushed a key". the screen would go black then "click" back to original. now when i run sandra it says this card does not support a whole bunch of things which the box/manufacturuer says it does. Now the 3D test in catalyst control centre kicks to black then back to blank. I have directx 10 installed
johnathanbcAuthor Commented:
i went back to my old nvidia card. still dont have 3d but its ok
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