Changed External NIC IP, need checklist of what to check in SBS, as exchange is odd.

Hello EE,

I have 2 NICs setup, 1 internal LAN and 1 external broadband.

I changed broadband router IP and external NIC IP detaisl to match each other, and ran CEICW to change details to find new external NIC IP.

All worked fine, internet/internal web/remote access etc etc. Except Exchange, i had to change the settings of the 'Default virtual SMTP server' manually to the new IP. I fianlly got some mail comeing through the server, howver  when i telnet port 25 to the internal NIC IP i dont get a connection (i do get a connection to the external NIC IP).

This did used to work before i chnaged the external NIC IP, so whats the problem?

And also if I've missed the above, what else have i missed? Any other settigns to chnage?

Many Thanks
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suppsawsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello joefolkes,

have a look at this doc for the correxct setup:
after that, rerun the CEICW, things should work then, if not, please post ipconfig /all of the server.


Matthew MillersCommented:
Maybe this article will answer a few questions:

joefolkesAuthor Commented:
You've lost me, how does that acticle help, its about iPhone and exchange communication?
Matthew MillersCommented:
Apologies...i seemed to have answered the wrong question.
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