How to restart the communication of a Windows client with its primary DNS after a failuer

We have a network of more than 800 users. If I have a failure in the primary DNS, all the communications of the Windows clients start using the address of the secondary DNS who is located in a remote site. After the primary DNS is functioning again, What is the fastest way to redirect the clients to the primary DNS?
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Spot_The_CatConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Generally they should realise themselves that the primary is back. As far as I'm aware they keep trying the primary even if it's just gone down and the priority list gets reset by defualt after 15 minutes. Most of the time the clients will have cached information which can further confuse things. If you've got a DNS server that keeps going down why not add another on your local subnet.

ipconfig /flushdns may also be helpful

Hope that helps.
Assuming your DNS options are set in the DHCP scope all you would need to do is have clients run an ipconfig /release then ipconfig /renew
when they pull a dhcp again it will use the dns server set up in the scope
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