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I need some help printing some photographs from Photoshop CS2 to an HP photosmart 1115 printer.  It has 1 black and 1 tricolor cartridge.  They are RGB images and I have it set to "Let Photoshop determine colors".   The medium to dark brown colors in the images are turning out bright red on both photo and regular printer paper.  The rest of the image looks fine.

I don't have any other color cartridges to swap out.  I need some help with the printer settings and defining what they mean and/or changing the images so this does not occur.
RyanHelp DeskAsked:
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David BruggeCommented:
Imagine that you and a friend went to pick out paint and each had on a pair of sunglasses. Yours had green lenses and your friends had blue glasses.

After you agreed on a color, you went home to paint. While it as drying, you both took off your glasses.

"That's NOT the color I picked out!" you each say. One of you says the color is too yellow. The other one says, "No, it's much too blue."

Both of you saw the same color, but it looked different to each of you.

The same way with your computer. The computer sees one color, but the monitor sees it differently and the printer sees it a third way. All three devices are describing the same color, but each one sees it differently. Everyone with a computer and a monitor has this problem.

So, how does anyone ever get the right colors? Calibration.

Calibration, starts with your monitor. You can buy very expensive and sophisticated equipment to calibrate you monitor for you, you can buy some fairly inexpensive software to do it for you, or you can try and eyeball it yourself.

Heres a site to help do it yourself:

Here is a link to much more information than you want. If you ignore the technical mumbo-jumbo, there is some good core information:

As for printer calibration, thats a little tougher. I dont know of any successful do-it-yourself sites to help you build a printer profile.

Try calibrating your monitor first and see if that gets you in the ball park. If not (IMHO) you will need to spring for some calibration software such as: which is the least expensive method that I know of.

With the price of ink cartridges and paper what it is, it is a very reasonable investment. If you do any kind of serious printing, then one of the low end systems like Monaco EZ color or the Eye One Display will pay for itself quickly in the ink and paper that you save.

David B.

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GrzeResearch & DevelopmentCommented:

Calibration is one thing. Another is the set of options in the "print" dialog of your printer. Each printer usually comes with its own configurable printing options, and selecting them can drastically change the color output. The options you should experiment with, to find the best settings are:
- paper type - telling your printer that you are using a photo paper rather than plain will usually change colors!
- printout type (text, graph, photography) - if the print dialog offers such profiles, they will influence colors
- print quality - use "best" for reachest colors.
RyanHelp DeskAuthor Commented:
I put in a brand new tricolor printer cartridge today and I'm still getting the same results.
David BruggeCommented:
> I put in a brand new tricolor printer cartridge today and I'm still getting the same results

This means that there was nothing wrong with your ink.

I assume that you have tried changing "Let Photoshop determine colors" to a different setting.

What was the result?

What other things have you tried?
In your photoshop print dialog box try these settings under color management:
Color Handling: Printer manages colors
Rendering Intent: Perceptual
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