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I have a hyperlink named 'back' on a asp .net page.  When clicked it takes the user back to the start page, however I'd like the link to function like the back-button of the browser, where the user can navigate back w/o having lost information.  How can this be done?
<asp:HyperLink ID="Back" runat="server" NavigateUrl="~/default.aspx">Back</asp:HyperLink>

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chilternPCConnect With a Mentor Commented:
in html i use javascript:

<a href="javascript:history.go(-1)">Click here to go back one </a>

this goes back last page (the minus 1, but you can go back 2 pages if you put -2)
newbiealAuthor Commented:
This is great, but how do I make it a hyperlink instead of a button.
athapaCEO / CTOCommented:
<a href "xyz">xyz,/a> creates hyperlink not button.
newbiealAuthor Commented:
sorry, of course! Ignore my previous question.  I think I've been at it for too long tonight.  Your solution worked! Thanks.
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