How do I fix the Event ID 213 error in Event Viewer

I had a server that was a domain controller and we demoted the server.  Now on a different server I am getting an event viewer error 213 which states that the Replication of license information failed because the license logging service on Server \\servername could not be contacted.  The server is still in the environment, it is just not acting as a domain controller anymore.  How do I clear up this issue?
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go to the active directory sites and services and change the site lisence server to another doman controller and then go to the old on and go to the path c:\windows\system32\ and copy the filecaled cpl and folder called lls to the same path in the new lisence server and then in that server run the service called lisence logging and the error will be fixed
In AD sites and services try selecting a different license server and then changing back.  It seems to be a known issue (see below).

1. Open Active Directory Sites and Services.
2. Click the site on which the server is located.
3. In the details pane, click License Site Settings.
4. On the Action menu, click Properties.
5. Under Licensing Computer, select a different site license server, and then click Change.

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you need to follow all my steps to get it work you need the old lisence database as i learnt you and also after changing the lisence server and copying the file and the folder you need to start the service also to get it work
When this happened to me simply switching to a different server and back did the trick, being a keep it simple kind of guy I would try this first :)  If not then I'm sure ahmedalnooh's solutions will resolve your issue.

Have a great day,
olifarago,  when you say you changed it and changed it back,  did you wait some amount of time?   Is there some kind of replication interval that needs to occurr?
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