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Laptop Backup Solution

Anyone have any ideas for a backup solution for my small business? We have about 20 employees who work remotely. They do not currently connect to the office when they are off-site (almost 100%) of the time. Most of the time (90%) they have internet connectively at client sites, but are at the mercy of the client firewalls (e.g. some sites do not allow Outlook to run).
I would like a robust backup solution that is easy for the employees to use.
Any ideas are welcome!
Michael Vasilevsky
Michael Vasilevsky
1 Solution
How many have DVD/CD writers?

2.5" Removable Hard drives are quite cheap and portable.

Windows comes with the backup software, but who is going to verify if the backups are actually getting done?

I would go for an external harddrive (toughened)  for easy of backup and speed - then they are more likely to do it. the trick then is to keep the external harddrive separate from the latop (don't want them both to go up in flames) - what to backup - just the company/documents stuff.
see here for toughend external drives:

Since they are remote, and unable to connect to your main office during at customer sites, then use an external backup is only solution as said above. They should backup their own data. For the outlook, use webmail to access outlook from normal internet explore, that way they can connect to your main server.

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