The specified domian either does not exist or could not be contacted, when trying to add a domain account to local admins group

I am trying to set up a cluster in a box for a "proof of concept" but I cannot add domain accounts to local groups.

I am using the VMware server 2.0 beta on windows 2003.

I have joined the VM guest to the domain and I am logging in as a domain user. When I open the computer managment consol and try to add the svc_cluster account to the local admins group, I cannot see the domain in the locations. Then I try to open the AD users and computers snap in and I get: 'naming information cannot be located becasue: The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted.'

I have put a host file on each VM that points to the IP of the DC.
I have appended on all the NICs
I can ping the DC and

All my physical servers function just fine. I have checked DNS and the DNS entries for the VM guests are correct.

I am stuck on this one, please help.
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Is the DNS within the virtual machines pointing to the actual DNS server or something else? for all or domain.local?

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sqlagent007Author Commented:
Yes it is pointing to the PHYSICAL domain controller. The DC is the DNS and DHCP.
Luciano PatrãoICT Senior Infraestructure  Engineer  Commented:

First have you installed the VMware Tools on the VM? If not, install

Then is the communication between both DC/Sever Cluster working fine?

To find that out you can try to connect on port 389 for DC and 3268 for GC via LDP

Test the connection from them Server Cluster to the DC Server with the ldp tool


also check

If is not working, check the firewall connections(try to disable windows firewall on the server cluster)

sqlagent007Author Commented:
I had the DNS settings on the NICs wrong...DOH!
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