How do I gain full admin control over my Vista PC to which I already show to have full admin rights?

Various applications will not come up that seem to be security related in Vista. Computer management will not come up (no errors given). The event viewer will not come up, and if I try to add it via the MMC is simply closes the window. I have tried enabling and disabling UAC to no avail. Any ideas?
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You could try logging on as the "real" Administrator, which is a hidden disabled account:
How to Activate the Hidden Vista Administrator

the "real administrator account" is disabled by default so you have to enable it:-

Press [Windows Key] + [r] to enable the RUN option
enter LUSRMGR.MSC (the local user accounts manager)
Accept the UAC warning and continue
Double-click USERS
powersjeffAuthor Commented:
I've gone this route already. The problem is that this laptop needs to function correctly with my domain login and allow admin privs.
Check whether you have User Account Control turned on:

Log in as Administrator and run gpedit.msc
Go to Computer Configuration - Windows Settings - Security Settings - Local Policies - Security Options
Scroll down till you see entries starting with "User Account Control", in particular what is the setting for "Behavior of the elevation prompt for standard users" ?
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powersjeffAuthor Commented:
The setting is "Prompt for credentials."
powersjeffAuthor Commented:
I am currently working Microsoft, who also have trouble fixing Vista. Imagine that.... If I get a valid solution I will post it for future reference. After several weeks of MS not having any success I'm not optimistic. Way to go MS.... great product you have there.
powersjeffAuthor Commented:
After working with Microsoft for months, with everyone from the Indian support idiot to an actual Vista developer, the ultimate solution was reinstallation. The developer believed that something was corrupted during installation, and that finding it would be impossible. After reinstallation using the same media everything seems fine.

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