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we run an office with a huge amount of email. with about 10 staff members guilty for most of the 10gig/month email we get you can understand that our 75gig SBS limit is up before we can find the archive button.

none of this traffic can be limited and it is all for business use.

my idea was to kill all the private addresses and to make one address for each customer. the we could make a public folder for each customer and the staff dealing with them will be able to share all emails.

how would i go about stopping users emailing with their own names and allow them to send with the name of the distribution list of their choice? or the list from which they are answering the mail?

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Realistically I dont think this is an ideal solution to the problem you're facing.  Ontop of added complexity Public Folders have size limitations as well, so at best you've only bought yourself a little time.  Add to it that Public Folders are starting to become deprecated (MSFT is encoraging everyone to migrate to SharePoint nowadays).

What do I recommend?  I recommend an additional Exchange server.  First and foremost if Exchange is as critical to your business as your post suggests Exchange should really be on a seperate server (primarily for performance and reliability reasons).  As an added bonus the additional server could run Exchange 2007 (under which the Standard edition has the size limitations removed), if you didnt want to run Exchange 2007 than you would want Exchange 2003 Enterprise Edition which doesnt have the same size limitations.

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MootherAuthor Commented:
it also makes more sense use and to pu users into the groups of the customers they handle...

i like this idea more because of its practicality than for its space saving ability
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