reinstall Microsoft, Office, 2003, Lenovo t-60p laptop after hard drive failure/replacement

I am a legal owner (with CD's) of MS Office 2003 (bought 3 years ago). I installed it on my previous IBM T43 laptop + also on my T60 laptop. The T60 hard drive crashed + IBM is sending me a new hard drive + CD's to re-install operating system as from factory. Will I be allowed to re-install MS Office 2003 on my T60 again? I have original license + CD's. Do I need to call/write/email MS for permission? Is there anything else I need to do to get my Office 2003 back to operation as it was a few days ago?
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Jingram82Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Install the software as usual.  If you have used up all of your available licenses when you try to activate it will let you know.  At this point it will give you a phone number to call and you can activate over the phone with Microsoft.  It usually isn't a hassle at all, just make sure the activation completes before you hang up the phone, otherwise you may have to call back.  Good Luck!
You certainly will be okay.
Just install them like nothing happened. At worst a number will call up for you to call MS and tell them your story.
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