Exchange 2007 Std. I keep getting 'new-publicfolderdatabase' is not recognized as an internal or external command,

Exchange 2007 Std.
I keep getting the following error message in my DOS prompt when I try to use the EMS:
'new-publicfolderdatabase' is not recognized as an internal or external command

i am trying this on the partition that Exchange is installed on, and I have even gone to the extent of launching it from the following directory:  G:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server

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spyordie007Connect With a Mentor Commented:
That's because you're not running the command from the Exchange Management Shell (running under PowerShell)

You'll need to bring up the EMS specifically where the new-publicfolderdatabase is registered (start>all programs>exchange 2007>exchange management shell).

" not recognized as an internal or external command" is what you get when you try and run a powershell command from the standard Windows command prompt (which BTW, is not the same thing as DOS).

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