Group Policy Proxy Settings don't stick in active GPO

I have a strange one.  Here goes...

Have a SBS 2k3 server running in an office for about 3 yrs.   Configured via GPO to pass all internet traffic thru a proxy on a linux box.  Everything was working fine for over a year.  Then the linux box went down, so i shut off the GPO so everyone could get internet while i repaired it.  Fixed the box, but it back up, started the policy again, but no Proxy. I forced refresh  gpupdate /force  and things change on the client (hide internet options tabs, etc).  So i know the GP is passing thru to the client, and is being updated because changes take.  However, the Connections tab gets NO data from the GP so the proxy settings don't pass along.  Any ideas?  I tried creating a new policy with a different name, and still it doesn't take.  The new policy also works, because i've tested other features in it, and they stick, but the proxy stuff doesn't.  Any ideas? here is the GP report...

User Configuration (Enabled)
Windows Settings
Internet Explorer Maintenance (Preference Mode)
Connection/Proxy Settings
Enable proxy settings
Protocol Server Port
HTTP 8080
Secure 8080
FTP 8080
Gopher 8080
Socks 8080
Exceptions: Do not use proxy server for addresses beginning with,  
Do not use proxy server for local (intranet) addresses Enabled

Administrative Templates
Windows Components/Internet Explorer/Internet Control Panel
Policy Setting
Disable the Advanced page Enabled
Disable the Content page Enabled
Disable the General page Enabled
Disable the Security page Enabled
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michaelsjacobConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
turned out it was a GPO that had empty proxy settings in it. so it was clearing out the proper settings from the proxy GPO.  i only found it after picking thru the 20+ policies
Read this:
Question number 1 and 4 should be intresting for you to use/check.
michaelsjacobAuthor Commented:
i'm having trouble figuring out which GPO is causing the acutions in the log file mentioned above.  i've looked at all the GPO reports, but for some reason i have a rogue proxy setting that comes in and resets the freshly installed proxy settings.  so in the log, the correct proxy settings post, then another gpo kicks in and wipes them out.   any ideas on how i can narrow down which one is causing it?
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