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Dear Experts,

Im using microsoft exchange 2000. Now the problem is i cannot receive emails frm external doamins (gmail, yahoo, other com....etc).
but i can send emails out. Please let give a hand to solve this problem. Thank you
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rsunConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I just restarted the server 3- 4 times. and im able to receive email . tHank you for the responses.
Can you please give us your mail server name... or the domain name... we can do some tests from external and at least point you in the right direction as to what the error is..
Hey there,

Its very hard to say without more info. But let me ask a few questions. I am also a begginer but went through some similar issues on my exchange server.

Does your domain name point to the correct IP of your email server?
How is it setup, do you have a public IP for the email server?
Do you have a standalone server or a front end back end scenario?

Need the info. (Austin Powers :))
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Are the emails sent from outside getting error message responses or just vanishing?  Automatic responses would potentially identify the issue, whereas if they are just vanishing it could be as simple as SPAM filter settings.
rsunAuthor Commented:
domain name is
the emails are sent as usual... no errors...
"the emails are sent as usual... no errors..." that could be because your server is not set to give NDR's. Can you check that?
The server does not respond to incoming requests on port 25... See below
C:\>telnet 25
Connecting To not open connection to the host, on port 25:
Connect failed


Possible causes for this

1. Routing issue on your internet connection - make sure you port forward port 25 to the exchange server
2. You do not have a receive connector/SMTP virtual server setup to receive connections on port 25

Matthew MillersCommented:
Is there a problem with your mail server? Is it configured to accept connections from certain networks?
I cannot even connect to your MX...

C:\>nslookup -type=mx

Non-authoritative answer:    MX preference = 10, mail exchanger =       internet address =

C:\>telnet 25
Connecting To not open connection to the host, on port
 25: Connect failed

I have not probs connection to other MX, so appears to br a problem with...
1. Your MX
2. Transient network to your MX
rsunAuthor Commented:
Can u pls tell me how to check on tht?
Matthew MillersCommented:
Basically i am unable to connect to your MX which is the authorative mailserver for your domain.
Is a server hosted by yourself? Or is it hosted elsewhere?
Do you have access to this server?
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