Cisco Call Manager Express - called station off hook?

As far as I can tell, CCME will not give indication to an internal caller if the called station is currently off-hook.

- Extension 103 answers a call and begins conversation
- Extension 110 dials ext 103
- Ext 110 hears rings (ext 103 gets beep notification of incoming call)

The problem I have is that the caller at Ext 110 has no indication that ext 103 is currently in a call.  If 110 were to get some indication that 103 is in a call, 110 would have a different set of options as a user (immediately hang up and wait, call back to VM, walk over to 103's office, etc.)

Anyone know if this functionality is available in CCME - any version?

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One possible answer to the calling party not knowing whether or not the called party is on the phone or not is to change the busy trigger associated with that phone.  

If the phone was configured with a busy trigger of 1, after the first call was established anybody calling that phone would immediately get a busy signal.  

You could still have multiple simultaneous calls from that phone, but the calls would have to originate from that phone, not multiple inbound calls.

There are other options that Cisco offers for phone status, but most of them are for higher end systems that are running dedicated Cisco servers.  One example of this is a Presence server.  With Presence, an application on your PC keeps track of the status of people in your organization.  Whether or not they are away from their system, on the phone, or defined by custom user-controlled status messages, Presence is a feature-rich application for the current status of your enterprise.

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snowdog_2112Author Commented:

1) How does one change the busy trigger?  I have a busy setting the GUI to forward to VM, but that doesn't indicate what happens on a busy.

2)  What you describe sounds like setting the phone to a single-line phone. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of the having 2 lines?

3) Is this uncommon?  I admit, I'm comparing to a cheap key system I had, but it seems like a pretty nice feature: the called party gets the ring notification (in ear only, since they are in a call) and the calling party also gets the ring, but also knows that the called party is currently in a call.

It also seems like if a low-end key system (Picazo, originally Dash) can do this, the VoIP systems should be able to emulate it.

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