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Problem with installing USB ports on a server.

I've been having problems with my backup for several weeks now.  Was backing up to an AIT 35 GB SCSI LVD Drive, with a second copy being backed up to an external hard drive, and taking the tape home each day to have a copy off site.  After some research on this site, decided that my problem was probably just a space issue, and I should just switch to backing up to the external hard drive, switching out 2 EHDs nightly, so I always have one off site.  Realized that to copy the data from one EHD to the other, I needed to install USB2 ports on my server.  

Tonight, I installed a 4 port Belkin USB2 card in my server.  After rebooting the server, the mouse and keyboard froze up (they're hooked to a KVM switch).  Also wasn't able to RDP into the server to reboot it.  Got it up and working, and moved both the new EHD and the pre-existing EHD to the new USB2 ports.  At that point, the server froze again, and I had to reboot it again.  When I did, it powered up, but didn't seem to be doing anything - just black screen, no POST that I saw.  Verified that it wasn't just a monitor problem (because of the problems with the KVM switch earlier), and shut down the server again.  Removed the USB card, and everything works fine.  Server is running Server 2003.  

Does anyone know what caused this problem, or why just installing a USB card caused my server to lock up?  I still am going to need to have USB2 to get my backups working.

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What is the motherboard make and manufacturer?
What is the USB card make and manufacturer?
it the USB card new ? you could contact Belkin for a solution or a known conflict. Try another slot , try another server
krlaw6Author Commented:
Yes, the USB card is brand new.  It's a Belkin USB 2.0 5-Port PCI card, model # P47198, Part # F5U220v1.

Processor is Intel Xeon CPU 2.80 GHz.

I don't believe there are any other PCI slots available on this server.  I'll try moving the EHD to my other server.
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Get in the bios of your server (option is different for servers F2, F9, Delete....). Check your boot order and make sure you have the boot order as the following:
1. CD rom
2. Floppy
3. Hard drive
4. USB
5. Network (PE)

what was the solution ?
krlaw6Author Commented:
There wasn't one.  I just moved the external hard drive over to another server.  I needed to close the question out, and since you suggested moving the EHD to another server, I figured you get the credit.  Sounds fair to me.
ok , thanks  good luck
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