ACT! 2008 and Outlook 2003 on Windows XP integration problems

I cannot get Outlook to add the ACT! icons to the toolbar and have reviewed answers to similar questions here.     I also get the message about the database not being configured or locked.    I followed the directions from the Sage Knowledgebase " Error: The ACT! 2006 (2005) Address Book service is not properly configured, or one of the configured databases is locked. Do you want to configure it now?" but it's like Groundhog Day, it doesn't work.     I have followed instructions regarding checking add-in items and checking for correct installation, but still doesn't work.    I saw another question here by a Vista user that was resolved but since I use XP it doesn't apply.

Please help!   Thanks
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Mike LazarusConnect With a Mentor Act! Evangelist - CRM ConsultantCommented:
Have you tried this article in the ACT! KB -
kentuckywildcatsAuthor Commented:
Yes, I tried this except I did not remove the SQL second step, just the Act! components and then re-loaded.    Does that make a difference?

Also, I should add that I am using the free trial version of Act! 2008 and still have Act. 6.0 on my computer as a backup.    Would that make a difference?
Mike LazarusAct! Evangelist - CRM ConsultantCommented:
I would follow ALL the steps.

You can only have one application connected to Outlook ... 6 or 10
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