Convert lattitude/longitude to micro degrees


Does anyone know how to convert a lat/lon of  say (40, -73,  New York City) to microdegrees? I don't even know what a microdegree is, to be honest. Any help? I'm assuming there's some simple formula?

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It sounds like converting from minutes-seconds to degree.
i.e: you have 45 degree and 12' (minutes) 50" (seconds) and you should convert it to the 45.213889 degree.

For example of such type of convertion check this URL:
or better this one with better description:
DJ_AM_JuiceboxAuthor Commented:
Hmm I already have it in decimal form, but I need to convert it to 'microdegrees'. It aooears that these microdegrees are rather large integers, so a lat of 40.5 for example would be something like 36346345 microdegrees. Yeah, I can't find any info on how to convert from this form!

The prefix "micro" means one millionth. One microdegree is one millionth of one degree. One degree of latitude (at the equator) = 1/360 of the circumference of the planet. The circumference of the planet at the equator is about 25000 miles, so 1 degree is about 69.4 miles (or 69.4 miles * 5280 feet / mile = 366,667 feet). One microdegree of latitude at the earth's equator is about (366,667 feet / 1,000,000 =) 0.37 feet.

I'm unaware of any other meaning of "microdegree".

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Further to my last post:

To convert one amount in degreesl (say 42) to its equivalent in microdegrees, multiply by 1,000,000.
Just multiply the Latitude and Longitude by 1 million
Point p = new Point((int) (lat * 1000000), (int) (lon * 1000000));
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