watchguard x55e - error - retry timeout - max retries

trying to connect a remote vpn user to an watchguard x55e.
been able to connect all the time but now getting....

1/31/2008 10:55:35 PM  IPSDIALCHAN::start building connection
1/31/2008 10:55:35 PM  NCPIKE-phase1:name(vpnuser) - outgoing connect request - aggressive mode.
1/31/2008 10:55:35 PM  XMIT_MSG1_AGGRESSIVE - vpnuser
1/31/2008 10:56:05 PM  NCPIKE-phase1:name(vpnuser) - error - retry timeout - max retries
1/31/2008 10:56:05 PM  IPSDIAL  - disconnected from dwong on channel 1.
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The error indicates that the phase I of the VPN tunnel is not going through.

>>1/31/2008 10:56:05 PM  NCPIKE-phase1:name(vpnuser) - error - retry timeout - max retries
indicates that either the user vpnuser does not exist on the firewall or the shared key has changed. Please check the settings, I would suggest you to change the password for the user, create a new .wgx file, send to user and try again.

Please update.

Thank you.

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TechInNeedmmAuthor Commented:
Why would this happen if the password was not changed nor was the user deleted from the Firebox. It was working for the entire day and for at least a month plus, and then now it stopped on it's own indicating a password change or user delete? That makes no sense unless an expiry date on the password was set.

This is a problem as I am off site and snowed in :(

Why would this happen?
I do not have a exact reason; may be someone made changes to the box and while the changes were saved some part of the config could not be saved properly. OR may be the box got powered down improperly and that caused some config to corrupt; or others.

If you can have someone configure remote access for you, you would atleast be able to connect to the box using HTTP or HTTPS and then ,make appropriate changes.
Under port forwarding settings, specifying the firewall's internal IP would forward the traffic and then you would be able to remotely connect to the box using the public IP address.
Once you make changes and get your VPN back, you can then disable the port forwarding rule.

Thank you.
TechInNeedmmAuthor Commented:

Thanks for responding. A reboot of the Firebox brought back the site to site VPN and also allowed me to connect via MUVPN (my posted problem).

All is well. I think you may be right about the Firebox not being powered down and back up properly. There were contractors in the server room installing an AC unit last night. My guess is that maybe a wire may have been unplugged by mistake or something like that and was plugged back in immediately. That may cause it to be powered down and back up improperly. I left a message and awaiting a call back. That will explain what happened.

Thanks for your input and reponses.
Am happy I could help, Thank you!
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