Attachments are "moving" into new mail messages not "copying"

Hi.. I have never heard of a problem like this before, I'm hoping someone else has. I have a user that "claims" that lately, on occasion, he has attached a document from a network share to a new email, sent the new email, and then later seen that the document has been deleted or moved from the original network location, to the email. The other strange thing is that when this happens, the email has not appeared in the sent items. The user gets clarification that the recipient has recieved the document, and has just been getting the recipient to send the document back so he can restore it to the network location. Any help would be appreciated on this.
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mass2612Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Yeah its a strange issue. I can't help but be cynical and blame it on the user. You would be a better judge of the users computer skills but you might want to also move the user onto another computer if possible and re-image the current system in case its some kind of strange worm or virus.

That's something I might consider if I was in your position.

Never seen this or heard of it. Are you in a position to be able to replicate this issue while you are watching the user or better yet while you are at the controls? Make sure that the user is using the New > Insert File option as this can cut down on possible mistakes by the user but I would be seriously thinking about enabling auditing on the shared files so that you can have a record of what is deleting the files, etc.
tezza80Author Commented:
thanks for the response. I tried to replicate the problem by getting the user to attach a file from the same location using the same technique he uses to attach it (used the technique that you suggested) but the file did not delete and I email saved in sent messages.

I will look into enabling auditing on the folder as you have suggested.
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