No sound after turn off the computer

I got windows xp pro sp2, and my pc is Emachine 2682 with Ac97 driver, no sound card; no disk installation. The software came with the pc. I do know what happend but no more sound in my pc. After download the driver from Emachine web site and install it' works fine; but after turn off the pc and and turn the pc on again the sound doesn't work still. I have done this lots of time but still no result. How can I make the sound work on my pc again?
P.S the only difference is that I get a screen that dosen't let me enter to see my device manager (date Execution Prevention. Run a DLL as an App) after my last windows xp update .
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Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
I'm confuses - no sound card ? - how is it supposed to generate sound?
Ryan_RIT Systems AdministratorCommented:
I think he means the sound is on-board.

Have you tried a System Restore and scanned for viruses?
Vadim RappCommented:
either try system restore, and restore to the state before you ran windowsupdate; or open add/remove programs, have checked "show updates", and uninstall updates.

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Also, have you checked your event viewer for anything related to your problem?
"P.S the only difference is that I get a screen that dosen't let me enter to see my device manager (date Execution Prevention. Run a DLL as an App) after my last windows xp update ."

Evidently the windows update has messed up your system.  As SOON as you can, go to start, help and support, choose, restore my computer to an earlier time, and pick the restore date BEFORE the windows update.  And restore.  Let it reboot, then turn OFF automatic updating in my computer, automatic update tab.

If this doesn't fix it, you may have gotten a virus.  Go to, download NOD32 and scan the hard drive for viruses.
Shane Russell2nd Line Desktop SupportCommented:
go into services and make sure that windows audio service has started and restart it then try again.

If that does not help, right click on my computer --> properties --> click the advanced tab --> go to the performance section and click on the settings button for performance and then click on the data execution prevention tab and you may or may not be able to add it into there ?

Not sure if the last suggestion will help as it may not be to do with that.

Short of that do a full restore using the disc but make sure to back up any data you have before you wipe your machine.
After download the driver from Emachine web<< which driver precisely.

Can't add much to this other than explain  a little what the date Execution Prevention may mean..<< error occurs to prevent damage to your windows due to software problems such as bad drivers something installed that is not compatible or out of date.

Another possible cause is explorer.exe and other applications may crash or be closed by Date Execution Prevention when opening a DIVX movie file or opening a folder using thumbnail view in explorer containing such a file
There are known issues between DIVX 5.2 and the memory protection improvements provided as part of SP2 (Data Execution Prevention).
To prevent the issues you must modify DEP on your system,
 to turn off Data Execution protection r/click my computer properties advanced> DEP.

you can 'Turn on DEP for all programs and services  "except those I select" ' and exclude the applications which will use the codec such as explorer.exe and wmplayer.exe , but turn it back on after updating as it could cause some programs not play properly.,

Run a DLL as an App
rundll32 - rundll32.exe - Process Information
Process File: rundll32 or rundll32.exe
Process Name: Microsoft Rundll32
rundll32.exe is a process which executes DLL's an places their libraries into the memory, so they can be used more efficiently by applications.This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated.

Note: rundll32.exe is also a process which is registered as the W32.Miroot.Worm. This Trojan allows attackers to access your computer, stealing passwords and personal data. It is a registered security risk and should be removed immediately.
I am thinking like Merete with this problem.  He has asked what I will ask, and that is if you can please provide a link to the page where you downloaded this driver package and tell us which one it was.

The only eMachines Model 2682 I can find on the emachines support site ( is the T2682 Desktop model.

Look under the Specifications section and confirm that it matches your computer's specifications.  If that IS your model, then the Audio driver shown on that page is the:

Realtek AC'97 Audio Driver version (original version) for Windows XP:

Judging by one of the "tags" you created when writing the question, you seem to have installed driver version "Realtec 4.02".

Is that correct?

Audio Troubleshooting on Page 44 of the User Guide (pdf file).  Link on support page given above.
You should also be aware that the CD that came with your computer (if it IS the T2682) is a Windows XP "RECOVERY CD".  Read Chapter 5 (Page 37) of the pdf User Guide (link in last comment) for details of using the Recovery CD.

It will only give you 2 options:

1. Restore Windows XP
2. Boot to Command Prompt from CD-Rom.

**** NOTE ***
Option No. 1 WIPES your hard drive and reinstalls Windows back to how it was when it left the factory.  All your documents, images, emails, etc will be GONE!!

I am just giving you this warning in case anybody suggests repairing Windows by reinstalling from the CD.
Vadim RappCommented:
The efforts and cooperation of experts to figure out the problem without so much as a word from the asker are amazing, LOL.
Yeah agree, could be their computer may have died?
So hows the weather your way ;P
Ryan_RIT Systems AdministratorCommented:
I'll pretend the question was directed at me and say "not too bad - had some great weather last week but today is overcast and gloomy".

What about you with all those floods up north?
Too humid for me Ryan, luckily all the rain  runs down hill to the coasts
The dams are filling I see for the southerners.
Must say  love the free fireworks lightening storms at night.
I hope octo0o0o0 enjoys the emails :)
octo0o0o0Author Commented:
do you have any comments; I got almost one week and nothing.
I see a whole page of questions you haven't answered octo0o0o0.
How do you expect these people to help you?


Your system has some possible issues.
Some of them used the Bestec 250 watt power supply.
This power supply was defective and may cause the capacitors on your motherboard to fail early. It's also quite common for that PSU to fail suddenly and HARD such that it creates a voltage spike which permanently damages the chipset on the motherboard.
The motherboard itself is known to have capacitor problems.
Check it (and the PSU) for swollen or bloated caps.

If all that is okay then go back to working with the drivers.
First step to do that is make sure your OS is fully updated.

'date Execution Prevention' may simply be that the clock and date is set wrong on your system. (Usually due to a failing CMOS battery.)
Windows update checks the date and time on your system and compares it to the date and time of the physical location of the IP you connect to them with.
If it doesn't match they figure you are a software pirate updating an illegal copy.
(Which makes no sense at all but that's what (one thing) they do.)

Ryan_RIT Systems AdministratorCommented:
If we personally go over to a computer to fix something - any IT guy will tell you that they do some quick tests and get feedback from the monitor (usually) - but since we can't do this here - you need to provide that feedback for us when we ask more questions and get you to try stuff out. It might not make a lot of sense to you - but it triggers off things in our mind as we read your feedback as to what the problem might be.

So - after a few of us asked you to try a System Restore (for example) - we would expect one of the following types of feedback from you:

a) - I did the Restore but it still doesn't work.
b) - I tried the System Restore but Windows said it couldn't restore properly
c) - I did the System Restore and everything works now - thanks
d) - What's System Restore?

So is at a, b, c, or d?     :o)
If you could answer the other questions as well that would also be great.
octo0o0o0 you may have a problem.
send a request to the bugs zone and let them know you have not been receiving emails from EE, some others here are having the same problem.
Then they can take a look and se if you have some bounce issues.

I had no internet for over 24 hours with the storm must have  hit the lines some where but emails all work okay.
octo0o0o0, have you forgotton your open question?
 do you still need further assistance?
Shane Russell2nd Line Desktop SupportCommented:
Another thing to do provided the asker comes back to this question is to go to start --> run

and type or copy and paste the following and press enter or click ok.


and look in the system section or else where in there to see if there are any audio related errors. Then post back with the event id and description.

the above is the same as going to control panel --> admin tools --> event viewer
You can now close your own question using the delete link.
Ryan_RIT Systems AdministratorCommented:
Shouldn't a CV have picked up this question by now?

*Makes sure question isn't in one of my zones* - Nope - all good  :)
Yeah I agree, I was just looking for an old answer in my history questions my account.. and noticed so many still open, before I knew it I was heading back to may 2007 still open.
So decided to send a friendly reminder.
Just helping them out. :)
Ryan_RIT Systems AdministratorCommented:
Only helping if the asker does decide to close - otherwise we have to wait 3 weeks again for this question to become officially abandoned
Ryan_RIT Systems AdministratorCommented:
I would give points to the following posts:

http:#20810742, http:#20812199, http:#20812685, http:#20812912, http:#20813966, & http:#20838892

Hopefully I've done the links right  :)
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