General and basics doubts in Opengl using VC++ win32 console application

I have to draw cylindical objects in 3D space opengl window...
I have used GLUT software kit
1, How to define the  X,Y,Z axes?
2, Range of X,Y,Z axes.... 1 unit = how many pixels?...
    1, What is gluortho() and viewport () commands doing....?
3, what is the orientation of X,Y,Z axes  with respect to Screen?
4,what is the command for Joining two objects
5, gluTranslatef command is used to move the object or move the cursor position......
If possible Give me a example code in C++ using GLUT and explain these terms.......
Awaiting for reply.....

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How about starting with a  decent book or tutorial
Please check out 'OpenGL Programming Guide', from Addison-Wesley
and it's surely worth to have a look at the nehe tutorial:

and maybe the freeglut project:

and this may give you some other good hints


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