Can I install NLB over already setup clustered server?

I have active/active (multi instance SQL) two nodes SQL 2005 working cluster, I want to install IIS on this cluster, However after doing research on internet, I found that NLB is for load balance not exactly for clustering. So when i attempted to configure NLB i could not install because of the error saying that cluster service is already install.
So can you please confirm that I can or canot install NLB over cluster, AND is there any way i can install IIS on my clustered envoirnment and how it will work in terms of resilience.

As websites under IIS will be accessing SQL servers in cluster.

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oBdAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can *not* install NLB on top of MSCS.
Usually NLB is recommended for IIS, because MSCS (only) for IIS would be a waste of money. But if you already have a cluster, nothing keeps you from creating a clustered instance of IIS.

The IIS Server Instance resource type does not appear in Cluster Administrator on a Windows Server 2003 server cluster

Server Clusters: Frequently Asked Questions for Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003
From the FAQ:
"Q. Is IIS cluster-aware?
A. Yes, in Windows 2000, IIS web sites and FTP services can be made highly available using the IIS Server Instance resource type. In Windows Server 2003, the IIS Server Instance resource type was replaced with a set of generic scripts provided in the Windows Server 2003 release (see the online help for more information about converting IIS web servers and FTP servers from Windows 2000 to Windows Server 2003). [...]
Q. How is the IIS metabase kept consistent across the cluster?
A. The Windows operating system comes with a tool (IISSync) that allows the IIS metabase to be kept in sync across the nodes in the cluster. For more details see the online help."
tech2010Author Commented:
THANKS ALOT, this was really helpfull.

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