Firebird + Zeoslib examples needed

Hello Experts,

I have been a Delphi hobbyist for a couple of years now but in all that time I have been reluctant to create programs that dealt with databases for one reason or another but I figured it was time I start learning and I have decided to use Firebird as my RDMS and pair that up with the Zeoslib components for connectivity because I have hear they are easy to use and are free which is always a plus for anyone on a budget such as myself.

However I been hard pressed to find any really good "newbie" examples which show the interaction between the components and the DB so I have come here to ask the experts where I might find such examples but more importantly a few examples of their own that I might be able to learn from.

What I am specifically looking for is examples on how the components interact with each other  (like which component connects to which) and the code needed to do things like....

1. Display the contents of one field in the database on a label, edit, or memo control and the contents of another field on another label, edit, or memo control.

2. Add / Alter the contents of a field using an edit control and a button

3. Add BLOB items (specifically images) to the database and display just one image from a table or cycle through all the images in a table using the NEXT, PREVIOUS, FIRST, and LAST record commands.

As you can see this is your very basic stuff but for some reason or another I just cant find any good examples which lay this stuff out in a step by step manner which is why I have come here to seek out your assistance and if there is anything  about this question you do not understand then don't hesitate to ask and I will try to provide as much information as I can.

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Nick UpsonPrincipal Operations EngineerCommented:
blue220Author Commented:
Thanks nick for the response but your reply isn't exactly what I am looking for / needing and while the blob example seems close it's not really what I am trying to get out of this so I will try again with a more
direct question.

Say for example I have a form and on this form I have the following:

1 data aware image control
1 data aware memo control
3 data aware edit controls
2 data aware label controls
2 buttons

and in my database I have the following 2 tables

USER_INFO (contains the fields fname, lname, address, city, state, zipcode)
IMAGES (contains the following fields Image_ID, Image)

Now what I need to know is

1. What data access controls (from zeoslib) do  I need to put on the form and

2. What code would I use to do something like display the contents of one field in the database on a label, edit, or memo control and the contents of another field on another label, edit, or memo control. "

So basically I am looking for is a small demo app or a tutorial / example that goes along the lines of this.

1. Start a new project
2. Place data aware control x and control y on your form
3. Place the following controls (from zeoslib) on your form
4. Connect your data aware controls to your zeoslib controls by .....
5. Use the following code on button1 to display the contents of the FNAME field on label1
6. Use this other code on button2 to display the contents of the ZIPCODE field in edit1
7. etc
8. etc
9. etc

I know this might seem like hand holding but at this stage in the game that is really what I require and why I set the point value for this question so high and again I do thank you again for any and all replies.

blue220Author Commented:
Looks like I am on my own on this one. I have requested the question be deleted and since nickupson did not really help but did reply I gave him 100 pts for his time.

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