Deploying a MS Dynamics 4 SP2 client in a Active Directory network

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I'd like to ask if somebody was ever confronted with the MS Dynamics AX 4.0 SP1 Client deploying from a server with Windows 2003 and Active Directory.
The included MSI file doesn't work and I found solutions to make a batch file to start the Dynamics client in silent mode. If you have a solution with which I can deploy the MS Dynamics AX 4 SP1 Client (if possible already included SP2)  to every single workstation with the Active Directory, please tell me.
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ReiffConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Microsoft has detailed directions on their CustomerSource / PartnerSource site:

Mass Deployment of the Microsoft Dynamics AX Client

This paper describes how to mass deploy the Microsoft Dynamics AX Client using Microsoft Dynamics AX Setup, a configuration file, and a mass deployment tool such as Group Policy or Microsoft Systems Management Server.

This may also help understand why the MSI doesn't work directly, and why the batch file is required:

Microsoft Dynamics AX Setup consists of two parts:
1. An MSI file that provides the files and registry information.
2. A C# driver that calls the MSI file and passes in user-provided configuration information such as the installation path and language information (Setup.exe).
The MSI file cannot be invoked directly because the required configuration information cannot be passed in. You must create a batch file to run Setup.exe and pass in the relevant configuration information. You can then run the batch file to perform the silent install and mass deploy the Microsoft Dynamics AX Client.

Good luck with your installation!

Dayton, OH
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