With window.open, IE shows "location" box while Firefox does not

When I use the following code to bring up a new window:


In IE, the location box show at the top, while if I use firefox, the location box does not show.  Do I need to do something different with IE to get the location box to hide?

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LeeKowalkowskiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If it's IE7 then it's a setting, the user can configure IE7 to always show the location and/or status bar for popup-windows.

Ashish PatelCommented:
try this.

In the features list, most attributes are interpreted as 'no' or 'false' if they are not specified.


window.open('miniplayer.asp?ID=1', 'MiniPlayer', 'height:150,width:520')
onemorecokeAuthor Commented:
asvforce: No go on the modal setting.

Badotz: If I leave it out, same behaviour.

LeeKowalkowski: Thank for the response, you nailed it. The setting is in the Zones/Custom settings area and is called "Allow websites to open windows without address or status bars".  

I read later that IE is leaving the URL bar in because of phising problems, where if the bar is left out and mimic by the evil designer, it can look ligit.  So the moral of the story is, the bar is there unless the client wants to get rid of it.  IE is the only one doing it from my research.
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