How to switch on Premium version of OWA

When users use OWA it comes up with the light version, which doesn't include calendar, contacts, public folder etc.  However, on the same machine if I log into OWA as the administrator of the domain I get the premium version of OWA.  I really need to give users access to the premium version so they can use public folders and shared calendars etc.  Does anyone know what I need to do.  I have SP1 installed and I have set up a public folder already and public folders has been enabled in exchange 2007.  Users are using IE7.

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LeeDerbyshireConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is the only thing I can think of that would affect OWA features:
GSSystemsAuthor Commented:
Hi Thanks for your reply, I had already looked into this and everything is enabled.

Interestingly enough I rebooted the server and now all but 1 user is receiving the premium version.
Segmentation is possible on a per-user basis, but maybe you already checked that, too?  I assume this user is also on IE7?  If so, then I can't think of any other explanation.  Maybe if they cleared their browser cache?

I'm re-searching segmentation right now,

Here's the odd thing, i am using the same user (login) for these tests

connecting to the FE server
IE: Snap Shot Above
FireFox: Snap Shot Attached (it loads more then it does on IE?)

Connecting to a BE server (the server the mailbox is located on)
IE: Loads premium version OWA no problems
Firebox: Loads Basic version OWA no problems

It just doesn't make sense...  LoL...

thx again for all your help
Ignore my comment it was meant for a different thread.

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