shell script to stop a service and a cron entry for it


On a Linux machine this is what I do :

sudo su -
cd /bia/opt/game/bin
./alphactl -s Listener stop

I need to create a shell script that will contain all this. So that on the command prompt I can say

and how do I create a cron entry for it so that it is run every week on thursday at 7:00 PM


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Type crontab -e and enter

0 19 * * 4 /path/to/your script
If you run the script via cron you don't need sudo run the script as root crontentry would look like:
0 7 * * 4 cd /bia/opt/game/bin && ./alphactl -s Listener stop

else try as script (untested)
sudo - "cd /bia/opt/game/bin && ./alphactl -s Listener stop"
In your shell script, put

cd /bia/opt/game/bin
./alphactl -s Listener stop

Then make it executable:

chmod +x

Add crontab job under root account using crontab command:

export EDITOR
crontab -e

Add line similar to

0 19 * * 4 /path/to/ >> /path/to/shutdownlistener.log 2>&1

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anshumaEngineeringAuthor Commented:
I also need to do sudo su -

but when I put this. The shell just changes and then nothing happens. Like this

sudo su -
cd /bia/opt/game/bin
./alphactl -s Listener stop

I really need this script first
why don't  you run the script under the root account rather than su - ?

su - is done for interactive switch to root account.

You may ask root user to schedule the crontab job under his account.

Either run the cronjob as root, or change the sudo entry to be:

user  ALL= NOPASSWD:  /bia/opt/game/bin/alphactl

Then you just have a cronjob that calls

sudo /bia/opt/game/bin/alphactl -s Listener stop
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Shell Scripting

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