Need fast loading flash mp3 player

I am trying to add a flash mp3 player to my site like this one (click on the word player):

this player plays 11 full-length songs, displays 8 pictures and has full controls and loads in about 4 seconds.

How is this done? (How does it load so fast?) I cant figure it, nor have I been able to find a good mp3 player to download.



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Tom RayConnect With a Mentor Commented:
their file is probably a combo of flash and xml. this keeps the flash part very small and quick to download, and reference the xml for the songs and the pictures. there are a handful of sites that offer up ready made templates.


$$ has a few versions, i know one of the versions has the ability to add pictures too. his is probably the best to get what you are looking for.
They have a fast connection. The images are really small and low quality, therefore fast loading and the music is also low quality (again fast loading). They probably custom made the player (they are easy to make).
osounddan1Author Commented:
Thanks. The jeroen.. player wasn't any faster than just downloading an mp3. It took several minutes to load one song. The goldenmean one imediately starts streaming which is the most important thing for me, and has some controls, so I will probably be able to modify it to do what I want. I'll probably come across some issues as I do that though so stay tuned :)

Thanks again
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