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I've been asked by a friend if I know of any open-source web-based work flow application which has the below functionality. The below spec was given to me. I understand some configuration will be required, but if anyone know's of something which is similar / suitable I'd love to know .

Regarding the database schema:

-Customer details, like name, address etc.
-User details, name, address etc.  The users are people ,such as Administrators or Technicians who have rights to use the database,

-Users such as administrators, can select from a menu of tasks, what other users, such as technicians must perform for different customers.
- A Chronicle, which records anytime information on the database is changed.  So for example, if a task A is assigned to user John for customer Bob. When John completes the task A for Customer Bob, the chronicle records the time and date when he completed the task.  If he tried, but failed to complete the task, then this is also recorded.

PDA functionality is also involved and a key part / requirement. It needs to connect to the DB and provide for the below functionality
- Example,  a technician connects his PDA to the database to see what his tasks are for the day, he goes off and does his tasks, and then at the end of the day, reconnects the PDA to the database and uploads information  to it.
- Users can download and upload information to a Users PDA, though something like Active Sync ( the user docs their PDA)   say about 100 tasks each day.  
-The user can see what tasks have been assigned to him, and can view and edit the customer details on the PDA  the user can edit the customers details, if for example the customers name was spelt wrong, and he just wants to correct it in the field.
-The user can then see all the tasks they have, and then through something like a Visual Basic GUI, interact with different nodes wirelessly by sending \ command to a com port.  The chronicle will record all events as they happen on the PDA, where they can be uploaded to the database later.
-When the user uploads data to the database, the tasks are cleared or left open depending.
Anything to get the ball rolling would be great. I though sourceforge would have something solid but i couldn't find anything at first glance. Thanks for you help
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I wonder if Cerberus would meet some of your needs

You can check "Groupware" section on this site:
There are some collaboration and workflow systems with description and online demo.
bowemcAuthor Commented:
how could i get one of those apps to work with a pda or similar device. I'm not very familiar with integrating pda / similar mobile devices into projects, but the use of mobile computing (and not chunky laptops!!) is a must in this spec. Thanks again
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Best task management tool I've ever seen it's TaskFreak (
It's effective but not so simple system. You need some programming skills to set up and some fix this tool for your needs.
It has not PDA support but I think it is not so big system which take much traffic.

Also you can check this stuff -
bowemcAuthor Commented:
Tasks Pro from is perfect as it has the multiple user and pda support. Is there a similar thing that is opensource ?
It's too hard to find appropriate workflow open source system with PDA/Wireless support.

There is one tool called EZ-Workflow from But I can't find it's free or commercial product. You can test it in pda mode at
Enter username "peter" with password "xp".

Also you can discover some of these resources:

Maybe you''l find solution that suits best for your requirements.

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