Handle .nsf files on IIS server

Hi. I have a problem i need serious help cracking. I have an IIS server running asp.net and i also have a separate lotus notes domino server. First off i know very little about domino server and Im not the administrator of that server either. Howerver what i want to do is the following.

When a user goes to the asp.net webserver and goes types www.mywebbpage.com/files/login.nsf i want the IIS server to somehow send the user to another server (a domino server). Is there some wayf or me to strip the nsf extension off the url or somehow get the user to be sent to another server.

This is VERY importent for me to solve since we are moving the webpage from lotus to asp.net but we still need some people be able to access the old domino server. I have considerd just having a default.aspx in www.mywebbpage.com/files that sends the user to the right place but it is not poossible. The user MUST be able to use the old address. telling them to use another address is not an option for many reasons.

Please help me solve this
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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Can you redirect a complete directory to another machine?
flummsterAuthor Commented:
Im not sure what you mean. but i might need to clarify what i want to do.

We are still going have the old domino server up and running to host webmail, intranet and some other things. What i want is that when a user types www.mywebbpage.com/files/login.nsf, The user is now trying to access the something that is no longer hosted on the new server. The new server has the same adress as the old one but doesnt know how to handle .nsf extensions since its and IIS asp.net server.

Basicly i need to send user back to the old server through the same adress even though its hosted on a new server but the problem is the.nsf extension. I need the IIS server to handle the .nsf extension in some way. maybe strip the extension strip the login.nsf completely so the user ends up www.mywebbpage.com/files/. If this is the case i can just call the default.aspx page in that folder witch sends the user to the old server on page load.

any ideas?
brwwigginsIT ManagerCommented:

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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Wouldn't that be possible only when running both servers on the same physical hardware? Just asking...
brwwigginsIT ManagerCommented:
I've run it with separate servers.

If you look at documentation in the plugin-cfg.xml file you specify domino dns name and port to use when connecting to the HTTP task. This can be a separate domino server as long as the IIS server can communicate with it.

Performance-wise it might be best on the same box but if they are on the same LAN it should be OK.

what I understand is that you want to create a fake loging.nsf that would redirect the user to the new asp page .?

You may try to add a new web extension from the IIS manager that associates NSF files with asp.dll and just use the page as a normal asp page.

Of course only if you will never install Lotus on that server
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