How to set up the DSL Connection

Hello Gurus,
We have installed newly a DSL connection for the internet on our server (Windows 2000 Server-Domain)
I would like our users (around 50) to be able to connect to the internet according to rules..
(meaning I dont want them all to connect).
the computers have static ip and they are for the most administrators on their computers..
Is there anything I can do ?
Maybe install a software like winroute ? will it do the job ?
I need something that would be not possible to bypass.. our users are very curious and they try may yhings...

thank you/
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You have a couple of options:

1) Depending on your firewall, add deny rules for each internal static IP that you don't want to have outbound access.

2) Install ISA Server on your server and you can limit content via that software.

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How many people should have access vs how many should not?  If you have only a few who should have access then get a cheap desktop switch and patch only the authorized users through that and to the internet gateway.  Physical separation = zero administration, but it only works well in fairly static situations.
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