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.NET POS device communication

Hi all. I will need some help.
Im starting with programming some .NET application and in one part of it I need to connect with POS device (http://www.hypercom.com/products/T2100.asp ).
The Physical interface to the terminal will be implemented by a direct RS-232 connection (COM port).
What is the best solution for that kind of connection? POS for. NET,  SerialPort class or something else? I don't have any Service Object or OPOS driver  from manufacturer.
I have to send/receive some data from this device.
Message block format :
-      STX       Message (256 maximum)       ETX       LRC
Data transmission to and from the terminal is Asynchronous at up 9600 BPS, with 7 data bits, even parity and 1 stop bits (7E1). 7 bit ACSII characters are supported with significant bit transmitted first; parity is most significant bit.
The LRC is generated by Exclusive-OR'ing all data bytes following the STX, up to and including the ETX.
LRC  The LRC byte follows the ETX and must have the same parity as the rest of the message.

Could you please write some example of sending / receiving message to that device (.NET, C#, VB.NET)

1 Solution
Fernando SotoRetiredCommented:
Hi MatijaT;

Well because the interface will be RS-232 the serial port class seems to be the choice. Below are two articles  on using this class

SerialPort Class - Microsoft Documentation

Serial Communication using C#

Communication on a serial port in NET 2.0

Hopes this helps.


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