SSIS Data Flow Task EXCLUDE Duplicate Data


I am very new to SSIS.  I have a data flow task.  
My Source is: ServerA.TableA,
My Destination: ServerB.TableB.  

I wish to only bring data from ServerA.TableA where it is NOT already in ServerB.TableB.

How do I do this please?


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Is there other data in table B or is it just an "older" copy of table A if it is you could just clear the contents before the transfer in table A data
nutnutAuthor Commented:
Hi yes there is data already in tableB and so unfortunately I cannot delete it
are you using dts or ssis
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nutnutAuthor Commented:

if you create the sql for the data transfer based on an  NOT EXISTS command
INSERT INTO dbo.Target
FROM dbo.Source AS s
      SELECT 1
      FROM dbo.Target AS t
      WHERE t.title_id = s.title_id

this should add only new data
nutnutAuthor Commented:
They are on different servers though, how would I build this into a Data flow Task
Pratima PharandeCommented:
I had same problem recently

you can solve it like this

1.Source control with ServerA.TableA , connect it to
2. Add Lookup contorl & Set ServerB.TableB to table property of it . Second tab of Lookup -map the primary keys there and get all other columns from avilable lookup columns as output . connct this lookup to Conditional Split
 3.  Conditional Split -> In columns you will see all input and output columns , add one condtion to comapre all this with and , for true condtion is duplicate records
 4. Default condition goes to destination

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nutnutAuthor Commented:
Thats great thanks but cannot get it to work, I think the prob is with my Condition Split, can you elaborate on what I should be doing within it please, what conditions should I be putting within it?
Pratima PharandeCommented:


ServerA.TableA  have ID (PK) and Description1 , Description2  these are the fileds....
same in ServerB.TableB

In lookup map both primary keys.then

you are selecteing ServerB.TableB Description1 , Description2 rename it as Description1_out , Description2_out as shown in the image attached...

then in the condition split add the condition like

as shown in second image

then connect it to destination
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