cisco network design for new building

i try to made network design for new building and i nned help to do that
my requiredment for new design is (i have some user connect to internet using wireless connection (laptop)) and other user connecting using desktop (ethernet connection) and other user connect using (Dialup connection) (and DSL)
the company have Electronic Exchange and i want to made DNS,DHCP,Active directory,ISA server,VPN and the company have iprism for internet filteringan we have (Mirapoint RazorGate , Mirapoint RazorSafe ,  Mirapoint Message Server and   Mirapoint Messaging Reporter )
and the internet connection is (comtech internet modem) and the speed is (4M download and 2M upload)

i need help for cisco device (Pix,router,and access point)
for router   can i use router 3845 (to connect comtech internet modem to it) (i mean can i add serial card to router 3845 and what is the type of card) and can i use this router to made dialup connection and DSL and wireless connection and what is the type of card i need to do that?
what card i need to made this requiredments and what equipments i need to made dial up and DSL connection

for pix can i use pix 535 and what card must i add to it (how many card i need to add)
for VPN must i add VPN card in PIX

i need the best performance regardless cost

any suggestion can help me
(i want to put the specification of this equipments the buy it and then build the network)

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I just want to be honest with you; network design is no simple thing.
You really need good networking skills to do that. You need to do know how many computers you'll have on the network, what kind of traffic you need to support, what are you communication line solutions, comm backups,etc.
 It not easy, that's way people are doing this for lots of money!!!

 I'm very honest now if you don't know what you are doing look for professional help.
 Imagine buying a PIX 535 or an expensive CISCO router and not coupe with the traffic, etc.

 If you have a budget for expensive equipments you may find a budget for consultancy as well. I think no one can advise you in the right direction based only on the above info.
 You'll be very crazy if you buy equipments only based on some recommendations from a discussion group.

 You need professional help. Just my 2c.

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I agree with neos2k1. if you do not have an in depth knowledge of what you are doing it is only going to cause more issues in the long run. Get a good reputable consultant in to design and configure your network. it will save you money in the long run.
nasemabdullaaAuthor Commented:
thanks for all above reply
thanks neos2k1 and iam appreciate your honest
thanks  that1guy15

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