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I want to create an interactive quiz whereby the next question is governed by the previous question's response. I'm not sure what the best platform would be for going about this though. Would it be possible to do this through Javascript using the "Onclick" function to look the next series of questions without reloading the entire page? I'm not that familiar with Javascript so if anyone could point me to an example of this I'd greatly appreciate it.


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-sg-Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Well, for an online quiz I would reccomend a back-end technology over javascript.  This will let you do things like store the results in a database, and send emails etc.  PHP would be a common and affordable platform.

This software uses PHP and is very good:
You can do this on the client with javascript, and if you wish to save results (or other info), you can submit that data to the server via Ajax.
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