Power user accounts display as "Unknown Account Type"

If i right click my computer and choose manage, navigate to the local users folder and crate a new user called Billy, with cannot change password, and password never expires and create.
Then I right click the user, choose properties, member of, and press "Add" then just "Find Now", i can see the list of local object account types. I pick "\OFFICEPC\POWER USERS". User is created as a power user.

However if i go to user accounts in control panel, they are being reported as "Billy, Unknown Account Type"

Why is this ? - does this mean they are not a true power user ???
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Does the same thing happen if you add that user to Administrators? While the user is in power users are the able to create a new folder or txt file?
it's because the user account exists on a domain, and POWER USER doesn't eexist at that level so it shows up as unknown account type. the permissions will still apply
j4jackAuthor Commented:
Hi Snagsy, The PC is currently not connected to a domain, it is in its own workgroup with 3 others. So r u saying that Powerusers cannot be used within a workgroup?
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the power user account tag is machine wide, the account exists on the local machine, not in the active directory groups, so the power user account attribute will reside on say 'office PC' but not within the active directory framework itself. hope that makes sense! :-)
It shows as an unknown account type because the default Windows XP user account control does not give an option for Power Users. You are confined to 'computer administrator' or 'limited' user account types. Obviously, 'computer administrator' assigns them to the Administrator group and 'limited' assigns them to the User group.

As you've found, you can assign the Power User access by using Manage or by invoking 'control userpasswords2' from the Run dialog box. They will indeed have Power User privileges, however, their access will not show up in the default Control Panel 'User Accounts', because according to it, that access doesn't exist. Basically, for whatever reason, Microsoft deemed it better to show 'unknown account type' rather than displaying 'Power User'.

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j4jackAuthor Commented:
Xerxes - You get the most points...Clearer explanation.... Many Thanks.
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