How to use MIB with SNMP

I read some articles about MIB with SNMP and I would like to learn more about that, any good reference?
Any example?
Any recommended software?
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Aaron StreetInfrastructure ManagerCommented:
I have a program called observer which you can take your own SNMP walks and make up MIBS and so.. however its is a full network monitering sogtwear and costs a fair bit..

I have yet to really use MIBS. so i would be keen to find out the real attraction of them. I general only use the standered MIBS that are included as default.. so i haev also yet to use custom MIBS in action..
MIBs are what generate the information you are trying to collect (ex. cpu and memory usage). All major software and hardware vendors have there own mibs to collect specific information about the device or application. Mibs are also what you use to translate the data being sent to you via snmp.

There are several linux based monitoring tools that work off of SNMP.


All three are really good at monitoring equipment. Nagios is a bit diffigult to set up if you are not comfordable with the linux CLI. Zenoss is what i preffer. It does a good job of monitoring Windows boxes.

Here is a link to a cisco article about SNMP that is pretty complete. You can also just google SNMP and tons of articles will come up

Hope this helps.

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Oh yeah and those applications i just mentioned are FREE!!!
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Aaron StreetInfrastructure ManagerCommented:
But like i was saying i have yet to really see the purpose of MIB's.. am i right that when i install dell openmanager it installs its own mibs that give more details than windows own inbuilt mibs. so then you can monitor more stuff through SNMP?

And what are contained in the standered mibs? As i understand that all SNMP enabled devices have a limited set of default MIBS that any SNMP monitor can read from them?

You are correct on both statements. Dell open manage does a good job of collecting the hardware utilization and info but it does not collect specifc information of windows specifics like services and applications (ie IIS, MSSQL, AD, Exchange). Traps can also be utilized to collect events from both hardware and software.

If you would like to look at specific mids go to the manufactures website and download the mibs. You can open them up with notepad or any text editor and look at the code. There is a IEEE standard mib called MIB-II that most hardware manufactures use to collect info. So to answer your question yes if there is not a mib for something that it can not be collected via snmp. But that does not mean that it can not be monitored. A good example would be windows events. WMI calls can be used to collect this information from a windows box. That is how Zenoss does it.
Aaron StreetInfrastructure ManagerCommented:
sorry what i ment is this

i have observer as i said and these are the MIBs that come installed as default

(see attachment)

i am assuming that these are some default mibs that are common to all SNMP devices.

Is there any where that lists waht the default MIB's contain. so you can tell if you need a manafatures own MIB??

As in what are the values of the MIB-2 and are there and ways to determin what MIB's a device is using ?

Switchs for example have the MIB built in to the firmware i'm assuming.. MIB's have intrested me, jsut never had time to get my head round them.. or found myself in need of them.. seems most switches and routers jsut about every thing is covered in the default MIB-2
Here is the RFC for the MIB-II standard. This should give you all the information you want.

 Also to poll a device for the available mibs do a snmpwalk from the command line of a linux box. For windows you might have to download a snmpwalk application and install it.

Here is the general command to poll a device

snmpwalk -v1 -c SnmpCommunity IPaddress

Aaron StreetInfrastructure ManagerCommented:
cheers :)

and sorry for stealing your question thread nammari. i hope you still got the answer you wanted..

nammari, did you get the information you were looking for on MIBs and snmp?
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