If users are not logging onto a domain but getting their IP addresses from a server with exchange - what advise would you give? Clients XP

I have to replace two PCs XP and Im not framiliar with servers (I thinks its SBS)
I can just copy IP settings (if any / i think its set to DHCP on the server or their router) but wondering if there is any other info advised .........  
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suppsawsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello worded,

if it is sbs, you don't want to follow the way cbmm described.
If it is sbs you need to make a computer account on the sbs server itself, under computer management > client computers.
If that is done, go to the client pc and make sure he is on dhcp (by default) and go to http://servername/connectcomputer , add the computer thAt way.

Please have some more reading here:


your new pc's will get dhcp, but users will be unable to logon to the domain from them.
you have to add pc's to your domain in order domain users could use those pcs with full funtions
look at one of the old computers or one that is being used. go to control panel--system--computer name--change and write the domain name down. on one of the new pc's go to change again change from workgroup to domain, when prompted type in the administrator username/password. restart computer and make sure you are logging into the domain
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