Installing Windows 2003 R2 on remote computer over VPN


We currently have adevopment test server in a remote office with Win Server 2003 installed.
I want to reinstall a licensed Win server 2003 R2 version on this server.

Is it possible to do this completely remotely?
and could someone point me in the right direction with a step-by-step guide if possible?

Thanks! - hopefully

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Mark DamenConnect With a Mentor ERP System ManagerCommented:
Its not easy, put it that way!  You could create an answer file, which allows you to pre-configure options and have setup run pretty much automatically.  All it would need is to make an answer file, copy it to a floppy disk on the server.  You would need somebody onsite to put the cd in and kick off the setup, but the rest would be done auto.  If you have preconfigured the network settings, then you should be able to reconnect after setup completes to make the further changes you need and install software.
Mark DamenERP System ManagerCommented:
Are you asking whether you can change the product key to a new product key, or do you mean converting between Windows server 2003 non-r2 and R2?
chouckhamAuthor Commented:
Sorry - to be more clear.

Im wondering if it is possible to do a remote install of Server 2003 over a VPN?
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