Visual Studio giving conflicting error messages and not compiling project.

I'm having really weird issues with Visual Studio 2005. For some reason I'm getting conflicting error messages between the error list and the document itself.

For example one of the errors in the listing says "lnkHome is not defined". However, as soon as I add a line defining lnkHome it gets underlined and tooltip says 'lnkHome is already declared'. Does anyone know what could cause this? I'm assuming it's some reference or file that the IDE uses to help with debugging that's out of sync or pointing to the wrong file. I don't know.

I won't accept "recreate the project" as an answer. I can think of that possibility on my own. It's a rather large project and I'm hoping there's an easier solution.
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CyrexCore2kConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Well ever since I did that I haven't had any trouble. Up to this point I wasn't entirely sure what the resx files were used for. Guess I know now. :]
You don't need to declare the variable again if it's already declared in your web form. Just make sure your vb class is declared as PARTIAL class.

CyrexCore2kAuthor Commented:
I believe I stumbled upon the solution myself.

There was a file in the "My Project" folder of the solution explorer called Resources.resx. I deleted the file and suddenly everything's working. I'll post back here if the problem pops back up again.
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