Sharing Outlook w/ Work Computer and Home computer

Is there anyway to share my Outlook between my computer at work and at home?  When I work at home on the weekends and then come into work and I have to re-go through all of my emails and organize them by customer again it's a real PITA.

I want to open my outlook at home and open my outlook at work and see the same thing - task, calendar, opened / unopened emails, folders, replies - is this possible?

My Outlook .pst is OLD - and thus huge - 2 Gigs - I keep all customer correspondence in there.
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eric1508Connect With a Mentor Commented:
One possibility would be to have both your outlook programs work off of a .pst file on an external drive (a flash drive would be the most convenient.  The you could just plug it in and work off of it and then take it home and plug it in to the other PC and the exact same data would come up.  Unfortunately, with such a large .pst file it would initially open quite slow.  An external hard drive would be a little faster but would also be bulkier to carry back and forth.  

Another possibility would be to try some of these options:

Hope this is helpful, Eric.
alivemediaAuthor Commented:
Thanks that site lead me here:

I am going to try this one - hopefully it works well!

Great!  Hope that works for you, Eric.
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