New Exchange 2007 server eating up memory

My organization is moving to Exchange 2007 from 2000.  Our new server is a Dell Poweredge with 8GB of RAM.  It currently has about 50 mailboxes on it and will ultimately have about 90.  Of those, only about 50 are user mailboxes.  The rest are resources and shared mailboxes.

My store.exe process is using almost 6GB or RAM, even after a recent reboot!!  I only have about 655MB free and I have only moved about half my mailboxes over.  According to the system requirements I should be able to get away with 2.5GB so I figured 8 would be much more than enough.  

The next most memory hungry process is for our Sunbelt Ninja Anti-Virus/Anti-SPAM software which uses about 350MB of RAM.  The swap file is set to a minimum of 4GB and max 8GB.  Should I up that to 8-12GB?

Do I need to upgrade to 16GB RAM?  Is there some tuning or setting changes I should make?

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UbuntopConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Exchange does use a lot of memory.  The idea is that unused memory is wasted memory.  On the other hand, 6GB out of 8GB is fairly large.  I have a similar setup, EXc 2007 on a Dell with 8GB ram 40 mailboxes. My store.exe is using 2GB at the moment.  I have my paging file capped at 13GB (recommended by a MS tech).  Previously I had my paging file at 8GB and my store.exe was hovering around 4-5GB.  I would try raising the Paging file and see if it goes down.

Are you also getting the extremely slow-responsive desktop and EMC?  I found that disabling "visual affects" in the MMC will help a lot with that.
Matthew MillersConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It is by design, exchange 2007 will commit as much memory to its cache as possible. If other applications need memory, it will generally release what is required.
This is actually a good thing, the more memory exchange has available for cache, the more user data it can cache which results in less disk IO.
Tex_ka95Author Commented:
Thanks to both of you.  I change my swap file to 13GB Min/Max.  I haven't yet seen a change in the amount of RAM in use, but maybe that will change after a reboot.  Reading that article that mattee76 sent made me feel for at ease.
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