Complicated function- I need a tool which will make a block diagram out of it

Hello Experts :-)

I have to understand how certain quite complicated method works.
This method calls plenty of other methods which call other methods and so on.

It is quite complex and difficult to understand.

Is there any tool which will draw kind of block diagram
describing my function?

thank you very much

panJames :-)
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I don't know of anything that would map a set of methods/functions without putting in your own debug code to show you the steps taken.
This is why code should be well written with lots of comments so others who did not write it can follow it with some semblance of ease.

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Wim ten BrinkSelf-employed developerCommented:
I think you're better off with just a sourcecode formatter. There used to be a tool called DelForEx, but the site where it could be found has disappeared. I think it will be part of a future version of GExperts. (

I did see some program that would create those diagrams that you're talking about but that was about 7 years ago and believe me, it just made the whole thing more obscure. You're just better off with well-formatted sourcecode.

There's a tool called Enterprise Architect ( that can be used to reverse-engineer Delphi code but it doesn't look at sourcelines, just classes and datatypes.

And there's the Pascal Analyser ( which is interesting but still doesn't do what you're looking for. It just analyses your sourcecode for possible problems. The Pascal Browser that they offer might be more useful.
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