How Do I Create A Pop-Up Email Form in Dreamweaver?

Hello! I am working on a website (view the test site at
when you click on the "Join the Email List" button in the flash movie at the top, I would like a small form to pop up that allows the user to enter their name and email address, hit submit and the information is sent to the specified location. What is the best way to go about doing this? Please be specific.

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i would recommend the following procedure;

1. set the link in flash movie to open a html popup window of desired size
2. in html, insert the desired form

for first step, you can follow this guide

for second, you need wither a PHP or ASP script to make the Submit Forum work; if you don't know ASP/PHP, you can download ready-made scripts from internet.

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Tom RayCommented:
here is a good tutorial (files included) on using php and flash to make an email form:

halipeAuthor Commented:
I know how to make an email form; however, having it open as a popup window is still over my head, even after reading through the guide.
what part is confusing you exactly?
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