Forwarding mail in Exchange

Does the mailclient Outlook have to be running for the forwarding mail to work when using "Out of Office roules.

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Mark DamenERP System ManagerCommented:
Yeah as matee begins, you will need to create a mail-enabled contact in AD Users.  This will let you create a "contact", which contains the external email address to which you would like to forward to.

You can create a mail-enabled contact by doing the following:

Open AD Users and Computers
In the Users container, right click and select New Contact
Give the contact a name
Click Modify, and then SMTP, and then OK
Type the external email address in.
Press OK, Next, Finish.

You can then forward to this mail-enabled contact which will send any mail directly to the external address, rather than an internal mailbox.  Since I finished writing this from memory, I double checked MS to ensure I had got it correct and found the page below which details the whole proceedure.
Matthew MillersCommented:
No, the OOF is server side.
You also have a number of server side rules which you can configure in the rules/alerts config in outlook. If you happen to create a client only rule, outlook will warn you of this. Client only rules will only run when the outlook client is running.
I don't think so, but its no worse than setting up the rule shutting down Outlook and sending a mail from someone else. And then check if it is forwarded. If not it might need to be a rule on the exchange set up to do the same...

And that i can't help you with :P
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Mark DamenERP System ManagerCommented:
Depends on what you are trying to achieve here.   Out of office is usually configured by the user to send a one-time automated reply to somebody emailing them, to say that are out but will be back on ___ date.  

You can set forwarding on the Exchange server itself, by open AD Users and Computers, browing to the relevant user and then Exchange General.  An option there will be Delivery Options, and you can set a forwarding address.  You can choose whether the mail is forwarded to destination only or to destination and mailbox.

perbackmanAuthor Commented:
Oh yes!
Would setting it up on exchange general, work to forward to any external mail without any other setting?
Matthew MillersCommented:
Yes, but you need to create a contact in AD representing the external recipient.
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