How do I create a second instance of SQL server?

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I'm testing SQL Server database mirroring.  I have two servers each with SQL Server 2005 installed as a 'default instance'.  I've got the mirroring working without the 'witness' server.  Now I need to test it with a 'witness' server.  To do this, you need another instance of SQL Server.  This can be on another server (but I haven't got another one spare) or a second instance on the same server.  I know pretty much nothing about SQL Server so my question is how do I install a second instance of SQL Server on a server that already has SQL Server installed?
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YiogiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Install SQL Server again. Instead of choosing default instance in the installation choose named instance and type in the name you want. For example if your computer is called SQLPC and you name your instance SECONDINSTANCE you can access it like SQLPC\SECONDINSTANCE and the default can be accessed like SQLPC or if you are on that machine then (local)\SECONDINSTANCE and (local) respectively
DarylxAuthor Commented:
Great!  Thanks for the quick reply.
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