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What is the best way to handle sensitive information within a form on my site (linux hosting).  Is there a way of encrypting the data?
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You should host the page on an SSL site to make sure that any form data submitted is encrypted whilst being transfered from the users pc to your server.

You do this when setting up the website (so the address of the page starts http rather than https  , not when writing the form processing code in php.
Loganathan NatarajanLAMP DeveloperCommented:
you might write your own encryption & decryption algorithm and pass the information...
The only problem with "sensitive" info is having it appear in the HTML page, where everyone can see it.  You make a FORM in a standard HTML page for user input, this FORM submits to a PHP page, which takes the POST input, and processes it on the server.  Any PHP page on the server cannot be seen by the user, all sensitive info in it is not visible to the user.  Then the PHP processes the form input, matches it up to the sensitive data, and if it is logins and passwords, for example, the PHP can send an email or whatever you want to do without any further interaction from the user.  All you need to do from the PHP pages is to tell the user -- Hey your actions were approved -- or something like that.  Form input and server side processing of a form to do something, like an order or an email, typically takes several PHP pages, it is the best / fastest.

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