Multiple ISPs Domains SBS 2003 Set-Up with VPN

I am in the process of setting up my first server for a small start-up business and need some expert advice on a couple issues that I am not having luck finding answers to.

1.) I am looking into getting business ISP service. I was surprised to find out that for the same service, other then the 4 static IPs, it costs almost twice as much. However, from what I have read it sounds that having the static IPs is worth the cost. Do you agree with this lets say over using a DNS service?
Also if I decided to add another ISP provider to my network, via Linksys RV082, does it matter if it too is static? Are then advantages to having to separate ISP providers with static IPs?

2.) My first thought when planning to set-up this network was to use their company name, which is already a registered domain for setting up SBS. The domain name is rather lengthy i.e. but I figured that it was not that big of deal because it would only be accessed by employees for files, programs, sharepoint, and exchange. Also each employee would also have an email address with this domain i.e.
Currently this company is an e-commerce company, only on eBay, but in the very near future want to also build a website. However not using the same domain as mentioned above due to its rather lengthy name. If the company wants to use i.e. for its website will this cause any problems? I have suggested that they not host their own e-commerce web-site but instead pay a company with the appropriate staff, equipment, and bandwidth to handle this. If things were set-up this way will it cause any problems? The only thing that comes to my mind is that there would be 2-4 customer service email addresses that I would like to bring back to sbs exchange. Although from what I have read in other posts it sounds like this can be accomplished. Comments Please!

3.) I was thinking of creating point to point VPN connection, using two Linksys business class routers the company already owns, so that one business partner that works from his home could access SBS and a couple other applications. He would also be part of this domain. They are not too fond of the idea of also having to pay for a static IP at this address also. Could I use a DNS service just at this end of the connection? Do you have any other ideas for this individual to connect?

I look forward to any ideas that you may have,
Thank You!
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Heres what I think

1.  If you have SBS then you will only need one static IP not four.  It should be cheaper and you can always upgrade.  As dDNS I would avoid it unless you have to.

2.  Thats a long domain name and I think you may (or will have to) shorten it.  You can set up SBS to pick up and send mail from other domains so it isn't a big problem.  I would definetly go for a third party Hosting service to host a ecommerce site for the reasons you mention.  You can as I said before set SBS to collect the mail.

3.  The individual who is working remotley could connect to the server using SBS's built in VPN and access all the resources instead of Point to point.  That way you would only need a static IP at the HQ.

Hope that helps but do say if you want me to explain some more.


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