E-Mail Stuck in Outbox

I have a customer that uses Outlook 2007 (clean install, not upgrade) and she has used it for a while.  Today she is working from home and connecting to the internet via an aircard.  Once connected there she connects to our network via VPN remote access.  She is able to receive e-mail but when she sends the messages go straight into the outbox and sit there.  She hits send/receive and nothing, no error message, and they never leave, nor do the recipients receive them.  She is using an Lenovo ThinkPad T61 running Windows XP sp2.
Thank you
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This is a common problem that pops up now and then. Here is how to troubleshoot it:

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I had this issue and none of the fixes I found where worked. I noticed trying to open another site that IE 7 wouldn't open the page in a new tab. I had a couple of IE 7 windows open with a couple of tabs open on each. I closed all but 1 IE page and my mail started flowing again without hanging in the outbox. May be some conflict type of conflict.  Wierd, but resolved my issue.
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